10 ways to make your visit greener:

There are lots of ways to make your stay with us more eco-friendly. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Enjoying locally grown and produced food

We have some excellent growers and producers in the local area, and some lovely local shops and eateries serving locally sourced food, so it’s easy to keep your food miles under control. Check out Iechyd Da and Matthews Butchers in Llandovery. There is also a local market on the last Saturday of every month. When it’s available, we provide a complimentary bottle of Dr Grandad’s wonderful apple juice – grown and bottled just three miles away. You can buy some to take home with you from the Royal Oak pub or the Towy Bridge Inn. The Royal Oak has a fantastic selection of local beers and lagers.

2. Being responsible when you’re out and about

While you’re having fun in our lovely valley, please respect this special place. Stick to paths and tracks wherever possible. Take your litter away with you. And please don’t disturb or feed our wildlife, damage our riverbanks and grasslands or pick our flowers and plants. There’s plenty of good advice in the Countryside Code and the Waterways Code.

Market stall vegetables
hiking in nature

3. Minimising your energy use when you stay in

We use energy efficient LED lights wherever possible and generate our own electricity from the stream that runs through our property. Please switch off all lights while not in use. Switch off the TV, DVD player and wifi at the wall sockets when not using them. This will not only benefit the environment, it will help us keep prices down and reduce light pollution.

4. Pulling on your boots and going for a walk

Walking and hiking have a low environmental impact and immense benefits. Many stunning walks start right on our doorstep. Pull on your boots and explore! Check out Llyn Briane Dam, the RSPB Dinas Bird Sanctuary and Cwm Rhaedr – which has an all-ability walking trail.

5. Leaving the car behind

It’s well worth checking out the public transport options before deciding to travel by car. You may be surprised at how easy and pleasurable it can be to travel here by bus, train or a combination of the two. Towy Taxis offer a special discounted price for Nant yr Onnen guests from Llandovery Train Station.

6. Driving safely

Careful driving can have a very positive effect on your fuel efficiency. Please drive safely and remember that you will be sharing our roads with cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Livestock are sometimes driven along our country lanes and sheep often graze close to the road.

7. Getting on your bike

You can cover a lot of ground on two wheels, whether you choose to pedal gently along the road or bomb along on the mountain bike trail next door at Cwm Rhaedr. Bikes can be hired from Pedal Power in Llandovery and and Towy Valley Cycles. We have a covered bike stand where guests’ bikes can safely be stored.

8. Going horse riding

Horse riding and pony trekking count among our most enjoyable means of vehicle-free transport. You can’t beat the sense of freedom you get from exploring our open hillsides on horseback. To find out more, visit Five Saints Stables.

Evening sunset bike ride
Nature watching with binoculars

9. Bringing binoculars

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get close to our wildlife, so binoculars will really enhance your experience. It’s also far better to examine plants through binoculars than leaving a path to approach more closely, possibly damaging a delicate habitat in the process. If you don’t have any of your own, you can borrow ours (but please remember to leave them behind for the next guests!)

10. Staring up at the stars

Although not (yet!) declared an International Dark Sky Reserve the lack of light pollution means that on clear nights you can sit and gaze at the stars. Our new outdoor wood-fired Hot Tub and Cabana means that you can sit in silence under the moon and stargaze for as long as you like, regardless of the weather and outside temperature!